Our Mission

Vallorie came to life thanks to our founder’s frustration at not being able to source high quality and unique designs in Jersey, expensive delivery costs of mainland providers and a strong love for interior design that highlights the beauty of mixing modern and industrial style.

Our genuine passion is reflected in each and every piece across our product range and we aim to produce only the highest standard of quality and individuality.

Our Values

Vallorie is committed to supplying only the very best in bespoke designer furniture and industrial home decor with an edge that features quirkiness, uniqueness and style.

We are 100% customer centric, if you don’t like our product or changed your mind, no problem, please get in touch and we will arrange collection of the product within 2 days of purchase. The cost of return delivery, however, is at customers cost.

Our Products

Creating is our passion, a passion we want to share with you. In the form of furniture and home decor, we offer individuality, as all our furniture is handmade, thanks to which, the aesthetics and attention to detail have been prioritised. Vallorie also offers freedom because where we can, we give you the opportunity to create your own product, allowing you to express your style, adapt to any interior and expand your possibilities. At the end of the day, however, we have not forgotten about the most important factor that allows us to do what we do, and that is, nature. Our doors and countertops are made of pure wood, while for some of our furniture we used recycled wood to promote sustainability and achieve a unique look each time.

Our Founder

Having been passionate about interior design from a very young age, I have developed a passion towards industrial design by travelling the world and have been inspired by the concept of combining old, retro styles with modern flair.

What pushed me to open Vallorie was the inability to source quality, unique industrial furniture and decor when I have been tasked with the design and fit out of a local office for a new digital company. Although the project turned out to be a huge success, I have been astonished with the issues we face in Jersey in terms of delivery from the mainland, local choice and lack of convenience.

Straight after the experience, I have organised a team of specialist tradesmen including joiners, carpenters and metal workers. Being a product developer in my day-to-day job, I have transferred my skills in order to design our first product range which you will find on the website today.

Each item is uniquely made to order and I ensured that all potential customers get a choice on the finished product, with your measurements, colour choice and metal work.

I hope you enjoy the products we have crafted for you.