What makes our Oak Tabletops so unique?

A tabletop has an incredibly difficult job, regardless of the place of use, it has to combine two characteristics: being solid and reliable plus captivating in its charm. We definitely recommend our oak tabletops, their natural and unique design helps any arrangement, in any style, get closer to nature and gain a unique atmosphere.

Wooden tabletops – what makes it worth choosing?

Oak is a material of incredibly versatile properties, this natural and beautiful material will work both in both modern and rustic interiors. It adds visual coziness to an interior and breaks the coldness of toned-down colours – especially when maintained in natural colours. But wooden elements of interior design aren’t just beautiful and universal, they’re also incredibly durable, reliable and ecological. All of that contributes to their uniqueness, they can serve anyone for many years, even when used intensively.

Kitchen tables, dining tables, desks or backyard benches – they are in use every day. They have to handle heavy loads, changing temperatures and varying ambient humidity. What could possibly work better in such a situation than a solid oak tabletop? They are characterised by their unique durability after all and if they are made of thick enough oak boards and manufactured from carefully selected wood, while also being properly varnished and maintained the right way, not only will they last for decades in mint condition, but over the years will only look better and better.

 What makes our oak tabletops stand out?

Basically: everything. The oak tabletops we have to offer are not a product that is mass produced on an assembly line. Each of our tabletops is hand-made, which makes it special, and unique on a global scale. Each one is made with great involvement and attention to every detail. We don’t correct nature, we merely accentuate and highlight its captivating masterpieces.

For manufacturing of our tabletops we select boards with beautiful, clearly visible growth rings. The more asymmetrical the wood pattern, the more natural and beautiful effect can be achieved. The naturally formed inequalities, cracks and other marks that cause the surface of a tabletop not to be perfectly even only add charm and unique style to our products that make our tabletops distinguishable from the commercially available, mass produced tabletops made of sub par wood or wood-based materials.

Solid table tops made of oak wood are incredibly resistant to mechanical damages, they don’t deform under a large load nor difficult weather conditions – all of our oak table tops were made of well-seasoned wood that was professionally prepared for further processing. 4 centimeter thickness – which is present in most of our tabletops – guarantees both stability and durability of the tabletop as well as great design of solid piece of furniture.

Our offer includes everything that is necessary to create your dream, one-of-a-kind table, desk or benches. An oak table top complemented with furniture legs from our offer is a simple recipe for a beautiful, unconventional piece of furniture tailored to individual needs and preferences.

 Where can our tabletops be used?

The unique, natural wooden tabletops included in our offer will work great with stylistics of rustic, retro and vintage type interiors, but we shouldn’t overlook them if we’re planning to arrange the apartment or house in a different style, either. Old-style tabletops, with clearly visible wood patterns and natural cracks or gaps, are great at complementing arrangements in the industrial, classical or even modern interiors.

Thanks to their stable structure and top-quality, oak tabletops from our store will find their place in private and commercial interiors alike; they can easily handle intense use, difficult ambient conditions or significant loads. With a little effort (regularly wiping the tabletop with a slightly damp, soft, cloth plus regular removal of wet stains, as well as varnishing when needed) it is possible to enjoy the impeccable beauty of an oak tabletop for a long time.

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