Our range of steel legs – What makes our product stand out?

It is widely known that even minor details can entirely alter how a particular piece of furniture looks. For those who love unusual, original structures, we have prepared a wide selection of steel legs that will add a unique touch to any of our wooden tabletops or benches.

Tables, desks, tabletops, console tables and coffee tables – all those types of furniture can be created with Vallorie and gain a brand new expression with the use of our steel legs. The unconventional style of the furniture, will fit perfectly in any industrial, loft and rustic styles and complement the decor of an atmospheric interior.

Rustic steel legs – how to make use of them?

It is important to note that we offer a full end to end service when designing your finished piece including the oak table top you choose, the varnish colour and of course the steel legs. Each of our steel leg sets will allow you to create a unique finished product which you won’t find in any retail outlet.

And what type of retro furniture legs to choose? 

That depends on what kind of effect we want to achieve. For industrial arrangements, a great choice will be our Quadra Series made of steel. Most of our legs are available in two colours: natural steel or black, and they go great with aged wood.

Quadra Series

Combining the classical form and modern designs allows square steel legs not only to fit inside loft and industrial style interiors, but also rooms arranged in retro vibes as well as modern, minimalistic styles.

X Series

Another type of legs that is recommended for industrial arrangements is our X Series. Such X-shaped steel legs are reminiscent of old-time drawing tables and workbenches found at industrial facilities. Solid, massive steel legs in a natural, raw shade of steel or painted black go great with wooden tabletops, accentuating the wood pattern and adding a unique edge to household equipment.

Flat Series

For those into retro vibes we recommend our Flat Series. Kept in black colour, the simple and modest legs are perfect for rustic styles. For those looking for something even more old-fashioned, we have our Simplex table legs made of steel – a unique feature of the legs, which are kept in a raw, steel colouring, is the abrasion on the joints that make those legs look really ancient!

Hair Pin Series

If we’re looking for retro-style furniture legs, but we aim for achieving a slightly more delicate, visually lighter results, it’s a good idea to check out the Hairpin legs available either as a duo or trio design. The rounded form makes furniture that incorporates this type of legs look more lightweight, with its edges being a lot smoother. At the same time, it maintains the homely style of rustic, aged equipment. A similar effect can be accomplished by using rustic style legs from our Flat Series.

Alium Series

The Alium and Alphabet Series table legs made of steel are another one of our options that goes great with the vintage trend. Not only do legs of this type look great but they also provide a perfect, strong support for the table. It is worth investing in such a solution and not having to worry about the tabletop bearing a large load nor about intense use of it. The trapezoidal steel legs guarantee safety and comfort when using the table.

Alphabet Series

When looking for furniture legs that stand out with their decorative form while also providing an exceptionally stable support for the tabletop, it is essential to take a look at the characteristic tabletop base. Our steel leg’s shape and eye-catching chips give off incredibly strong retro vibes making every finished piece look unconventional!

The characteristics

Neutral colour pattern (steel legs being black or in the colour of raw steel), aging chips and abrasions, unusual form, reliability of the workmanship, attention to every detail, sturdy structure, original solutions and varied shapes – that’s pretty much the steel furniture legs from our offer in a nutshell. You can’t go wrong with the steel legs we have on offer, they are top-quality at affordable prices and the quintessence of design in the retro, loft and industrial interiors.

Unique design, or why buy separate furniture legs and tabletops?

One could, obviously, get themselves store-bought industrial and rustic furniture. By purchasing a tabletop and furniture legs separately, though, it is possible to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will perfectly match the mood of a particular arrangement.

The ability to choose the shape of the legs, their colour, the assembly method and freedom of matching them with our bespoke tabletops and bench-tops, stimulate creativity and make it possible to achieve surprising effects.

If we dream of a unique, unconventional piece of furniture with a soul that will suit us both in terms of aesthetics and utility, it is definitely a good idea to go for old-style steel legs with a perfectly matched oak top!

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